Simple steps to get your creator program up and running

In the last few years, there has been an explosion of brands using creators across platforms.

From Twitch to TikTok, newsletters to news reporters & golf bags to game show hosts, the creator economy has helped brands grow their audience in ways traditional advertising just can’t do.

Creators of all kinds provide companies a way for customers to see a product, click a link, and buy before the red light they’re stopped at goes to green.

We’ve found at Juniper that no matter your industry, your company should leverage content creators in some way.

Inspired by Stephen Covey’s bestseller, here are the seven things you should be thinking about to actually start implementing a creator strategy today and get results.

1. Have a Product Ready to Sell

When someone is selling on your behalf, the potential customer is going to have to see it. Whether is a dog toy or website, your creators need to have something to point to. If you are still in the pre-launch phase and getting initial product feedback, this is not the time to leverage influencers to sell on your behalf.

  • Video Tutorial – walk the customer through the product experience
  • Written Review – one review by an esteemed writer can go a long way
  • Box Opening – build the Christmas day excitement to your customers

2. Pick a Platform Your Customers Use

Once your team has identified your ideal customer, pick your ideal platform and start reaching out to creators that are crushing content there

  • Selling gym clothes to Millenials? Work with folks on Instagram
  • Launching a non-alcoholic beverage? Get on TikTok right now
  • Building software for consumers? Have YouTubers create videos

3. Directly Outreach Creators (Multiple Times)

Once you know the platform to attack, it’s time to find some of the top creators on there. Here are a few tips on easily finding creators in your niche

  • The algorithm is on your team: create a brand new profile and only engage with content for your niche. From there, the platform will do the work for you and start finding similar creators
  • Email then DM: make an email campaign with 3-6 automated messages to keep getting their attention. For those who read your email but don’t respond, shoot over a direct message

4. Be Ready for New Traffic

When a campaign is done right, it will bring the most traffic your site has ever seen so make sure you are operationally prepared to handle new users and orders

5. Retarget the New Audience

Creator campaigns are still a top-of-funnel marketing approach meaning about 99% of people that come to your site won’t buy the first time so be ready to retarget these new eyes.

  • Create pixels for paid social ads on the platform you’re targeting
  • High-value email captures like a case study, newsletter, or webinar

6. Re-Use the Creator Content

You just paid good money for a professional to create content for you so make sure you get permission from the creator and share across your other channels!

  • Celebrate promotions from newsletters on your LinkedIn
  • Use TikTok videos for retargeting on Facebook & Instagram
  • Embed YouTube videos in your next email campaign

7. Continue with Creators that Brought Traction

Just like any ad campaign, it’s important to look back and understand which creators were the most effective at bringing in new users. Attribution can be tricky so make sure you keep a close watch on engagement compared to site traffic.

If your brand is interested in learning more about how marketing with creators can help grow your brand, let’s talk!

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