With the development of social media and modern technology in today’s age, there’s also been a drastic change in the creator marketing space.

Social media accounts and influencers, creators, paid ads, and more are essential to customer discovery and interaction.

However, the most important aspect of influencer marketing revolves around using these mediums to your advantage and building a solid relationship with your clients. 

Before making any executive decisions, businesses should ask themselves if they are ready for creator marketing.

There are a few key factors companies should have in place before initiating any influencer marketing strategy. 

  • Have a Product Ready to Sell: Brands need to have a product to sell, not simply an idea. Having a solid foundation for your product or service allows the marketers to comprehend your message and work with you effectively.
  • STRONG Understanding of Target Market: understand their target market. Knowing your customers and what they gravitate towards will help find creators to represent the brand and the best niches to attack. The best campaigns are where you create strong relationships with customers and creators alike
  • Becoming a fan of the creator first:  Following the creators you want to work with on your company’s social media allows them to get to know your brand. Sending direct messages to them on social media also helps them get to know your company and product better. Sometimes your best customers will be creators, so it’s important to showcase that you value and admire their work. 
  • Have a systematic approach to reaching out to creators: While there are effective ways to contact creators, in these scenarios, creators have the power; they decide who they want to work with. It’s vital to customize and be personal with your messaging to stand out amongst your competitors. 

Another concept that is also important to consider when reaching out to creators is the size or reach the creator has, and which one will be right for you. 

For smaller companies, micro-influencers are a great option to utilize to reach a specific audience. Micro-influencers are influencers that have a solid following, but maybe focus on a specific niche. 

For more general companies and products, big brand influencers can help spread your message to a wider audience. When first starting out, it’s wise to start small and expand at the rate of your business. 

When deciding if your company is ready for creative marketing, it’s vital to assure you have a solid idea of your product, audience and message. When reaching out to creators, never forget to put your best foot forward and let them get to know you on a personal level.

Building strong relationships with your audience and creators will not only help build your network, but also increase your reach and lead you to success. 

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